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Travel Short Films

I have been fortunate enough to travel different parts of the world, exploring the people, the food, and the variety of cultures. Out of the thousands of photos and videos I have taken, I'm trimming them down to mini docu-films. When you watch, I hope you feel like you are right there with me, experiencing what each special journey has to offer for me.


The short videos will document my time in India, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and more outside of SE Asia as I continue traveling. Instead of showing a ton of selfies and foods, or explaining with words how my experience was, I want to simply provide video and photos with a simple background track for viewers to enjoy and experience with me. Periodically I'll try and upload a video with just images and clips of myself with the friends I met along the way to show the social aspects of my experinces. Let me know what you think!


Indian and bhutan

The goal with thi 6 week backpacking trip in SE Asia was to find and meditate in a temple in the mountains. With a few day layover in Kolkata India, I flew out to Bhutan where I visited Tiger's Nest, the temple in the mountains I was seeking out. 



From the inexpensive yet delectable street pad thai, to the extravagant buddhist temples, the monsoon season sweaty walks, and the elephant sponge baths, Thailand is a country which offers a variety of unreal life experiences. 



With the Khmer sandstone temples reigning from the 12 century CE, Siem Reap has 'Indiana Jones' written all over it. The heat, the fruit juices, the biking, and the serenity. Lost to explore with over 50 temples to chose from. 

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