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Gain security with the world, gain some self awareness, and break free from the way "life is supposed to be."



You brush it to the side.  You think it's just a phase.  For years you have rejected yourself because you thought part of who you are was a sin, part of who you are was not right.  It has taken a huge toll not only on your mental health, but now you have had an eye twitch for 2 years and you are not in the physical shape that you desire.

When you struggle with your identity, it takes a toll on your life.  Potentially on your whole life.  If you do not have self love, it can be hard to have anything else.  How do you gain self love when it is lacking? 


Let me tell you what I think.  By receiving unconditional love, over and over and over. 

Unconditional is an organization led by Johnny Begale,  an LGBT motivator, who creates a diverse arena of content in order to provide the unconditional love that those who struggle with their identity in any which way are in need of to turn their life around. 

Unconditional love.  Look at yourself in the mirror and think about your past and where you are today.  Are you placing judgement at all?  Do you feel shame about ways you perceive the world or memories of certain incidents?  If so, do your best to drop the judgement you place upon yourself as the first thing you think about every morning.  It never will be about the mistakes you made in the past, or your worries about the future.  It will always be about how you learn from every single moment in your life.  It will always be about trusting yourself to make the best decision in every waking moment based on your current capabilities (even if the decision turns out to be the wrong one in hindsight).

Currently through video blogs (Vlogs), blogs, skype services discussing your story and providing unconditional love one-on-one, and more content to come, through his work with Unconditional, Johnny Begale is here to motivate you to discovering self love and ultimately creating your best and most comfortable life possible!

Learn.  Learn and trust yourself in every waking moment possible from today on out and you will be embarking on a new path for yourself.  One that you will never look back on. 

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